I’ve set up this blog to make several automatic posts, most of which have published, and I just (again) wanted to go back and explain myself, and I’ll try to do it in English.

I’m not trying to say America sucks for the sake of saying America sucks. While anti-americanism is popular, it’s completely unproductive and retarded if it’s just some fashion statement, or something fashionable people say to sound smart. Like anarchist kids whose political foundation lies in the Dead Kennedys, you can shoot your mouth off about anything abnormal or out of the ordinary to make yourself seem more interesting. Anyone who knows me knows I am not one of those people. Today my wife told me (in her larangitis-induced rasps of semi-intelligent communication) that I looked “preppy” in my new shorts. I told her any time I accidentally adopt the image of first world subculture it’s clearly by accident or the subtle works of the great unconciouss manipulation of marketers, as I don’t follow those things. She glared at me with eyes that said “I’ve known you for two years, you said all that to feel good about yourself.”

Anyway, the last series of posts (and any others written on that subject) were not written with the purpose of bashing America for the heck of it, or because it’s cool, but to provide a very realistic reminder of the sort of manipulation those in power use to justify their actions. If we could all agree that people are terrible in general, and that everyone has done good and bad things, then maybe I’d settle down. But there is an active and powerful force that says “We’re better than others” and then serves to justify the exploitation, manipulation, and destruction of those without power.

On another note, I’m finding a very hard time being optimistic about this new health care bill. The pros are considerable; it ensures that you can be covered regardless of pre-existing conditions, it holds insurance companies more accountable than ever before, more coverage for more people, pharma companies get an annual fee imposed on them, and it pisses off the conservatives to no end. On the other hand, it won’t cover everybody, we’re bound to get a poor quality of minimum coverage, people are still going to get charged tens of thousands of dollars for necessary, life saving proceedures, and compared to single payer UHC, it sucks.

Meanwhile, the weather is beautiful, I’m happy to be alive (I assume it’s better than the alternative), and honestly, that’s good enough for now.